Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a list of FAQ based on your feedback, however if you still have questions, please contact us by phone, email or complete the enquiry form.

General FAQs

Why choose Beautiful Minds?

Families deserve to live happier, stronger, and kinder lives. Our team has served Australian children and their parents for almost twenty years. We have a deep understanding of the challenges today’s communities face.

Our team of world-leading experts have built tested, proven, and effective programs. These programs help children to manage anxiety and overwhelm. Find strength from within when they find themselves in a tough moment. To feel confident and safe in their own body. Our experiences are dynamic and fun.

Who creates your programs?

Our hand-picked Beautiful Minds Braintrust. The Braintrust is a small group comprising of highly experienced business leaders, researchers, neuroscientists, educators and elite sporting coaches.

Do Beautiful Minds coaches have their working with children clearances?

Yes they do. This is important to ensure we only hire and work with educators that we can trust.

Can I claim from NDIS for your events, retreats, workshops and digital offerings?

Yes you can! If you require an invoice in order to be able to claim NDIS, please send us an email with your child’s full name and who the invoice should be made out to and sent to. Please email [email protected]. These invoices must be paid prior to the workshop start date.

My young person is feeling anxious about attending. How do I get her/him to arrive?

Before your child arrives at one of our experiences, show them our Instagram account, @beautifulminds

This will help your child to get a sense of what to expect. You can also head over to our @beautifulmindsreviews page on Instagram where you can watch video reviews from our past participants.

The night before attending Beautiful Minds, please make sure your child has a good night’s sleep and in the morning that they have a healthy breakfast. In the car on the way to Beautiful Minds, play them their favourite song.

Does Beautiful Minds cater for children with special needs?

Our team are equipped to support children in the mainstream school system. If you are concerned about if this is a suitable product for your child, we would prefer you email or call us so we can discuss your situation prior to booking your child in.

Can my child bring their phone with them to an event, workshop or retreat?

No. Our events are strictly a technology free day and we ask you as parents to respect this. Our team will be checking this at the door. If your child needs it to contact you after our event, the phone is to be handed into our team at the start of the day and it will be handed back to your child at the end of the event. It is so important that we give all our guests the ability to have a dopamine detox.

Keeping in touch?

As part of the registration process, we have your contact details and specific notes about your child / young person. If you need to contact your child during the workshop, please call the office on 1800….

Who will deliver the workshop content?

Each Beautiful Minds event is attended by a certified Beautiful Minds coach, a number of youth leaders and a series of presenters.

Our in-house recruitment team hand-pick all our coaches and staff members. Our coaches and presenters are experts in their fields and our youth leaders are passionate members of the Beautiful Minds community who volunteer their time to spend the day supporting our students.

Each Staff Member has:

  • WWC/Blue Card or state equivalent
  • Has been trained and certified by our global experts in their work
  • A passion for mental health education and is a dynamic presenter
What happens after the experience?

After each Beautiful Minds event, we’ll send you our after care notes.

These are a great way to keep your kids’ minds buzzing and feeling inspired after the event!

What is the Beautiful Minds Social Media policy?

We love capturing our young participants engaging in the content and sharing their experience via the approved Beautiful Minds social media channels. As part of the enrolment process you provided permission for this to take place. If you would prefer that images of your child or young person are not shared, please email [email protected]

What child safety measures do Beautiful Minds have in place?

We are committed to establishing a safe and supportive learning community. Every person within the Beautiful Minds community who has regular contact with children or who works with children is lawfully entitled to do so.

Beautiful Minds develops and maintains policies and procedures to prevent risk to children and build a strong culture of safeguarding. All staff members are expected to follow these policies and procedures and contribute to the culture of care and protection of all children.

What is the policy relating to exclusion for health reasons?

Beautiful Minds have an important role to play in supporting good health and trying to control / prevent the transmission of infectious diseases. We do this through personal hygiene routines for our students, for example, provision of hand hygiene facilities and ensuring procedures are in place to manage first aid requirements.

Please note that the primary responsibility for the prevention and control of infectious diseases lies with individuals, families and public health authorities. The Beautiful Minds team are not expected to provide expert advice or treat students, which is the role of medical practitioners and health authorities as appropriate. If your child becomes unwell during the course of a Beautiful Minds event, you will be contacted to collect your child and they will be re-enrolled to complete the workshop at a later date at no additional cost.

Code of Conduct

At Beautiful Minds we are committed to creating a fun, safe learning environment where everyone is treated with respect, dignity and courtesy. Our staff and students have the right to work in an environment free from verbal abuse and other inappropriate behaviour. This includes:

– Verbal harassment or abusive language

– Physical harassment

– Illegal behaviour

– Deliberately disruptive activity

We operate a zero abuse policy, both physical and verbal, towards all members of our team or our community. Any participant found in breach of this policy will be asked to leave the experience and fees will not be refunded. Let’s treat each other with kindness and respect.

One Day Experiences

Do young people attend on their own or with friends?

This is a personal choice. We have many children that attend our experiences on their own. Many of these children are having issues with their friends at school so coming and having a positive experience with our team is really crucial. It is normal for all our participants to arrive feeling nervous but within the first 30 minutes they are relaxed and loving it. It is also a lot of fun if they attend with a friend or sibling.

What does my child bring to Beautiful Minds?

We offer several different experiences at Beautiful Minds so please check on the program page as to what your child needs to bring with them.

My child is 7. Is she too young to attend a workshop?

We do offer experiences for children aged 7 so please chat to our team if you have any questions. If you are booking your child into an experience that is aimed at children aged 8 – 12 however you feel your child will benefit, please make that decision as their parent and book them if you feel it is suitable.

My daughter is 12 but really mature. Is the preteen content suitable for her or does she get moved into the teen content?

If your daughter is having issues with her friends and has not yet started her period, she will benefit from this event. If however, you know as a parent that your child is very mature, we would suggest enrolling her into the teen girls events instead. Again, we do ask the parents to make this decision.

Digital Experiences

I have signed up for a digital experience but I will miss one due to another commitment. How do I catch up on the content?

All participants of our digital experiences are part of our private group. You can go to this group page to watch or rewatch any of the live streams so you never miss a thing!

Can others see and hear me during the digital experience?

No. Our certified coaches and presenters deliver our content to you much the same way you would watch a TV show. WE can not see or hear any of our participants but the entire group can chat via the chat function. This means that your privacy is protected and you do not need to worry about being seen or put on the spot! You can just throw yourself into our dynamic content knowing we cannot see or hear you.


Is food provided?

Yes. We serve healthy, high quality meals provided to us by our in house chefs.

What do I pack for the retreats?

1. Please come comfortably dressed.

2. Bring warm clothing for the evenings.

3. Exercise gear for the yoga and movement sessions

4. Swimming togs and a towel.

5. A hat and SPF.

6. Toiletries and any medication

Where do I sleep at the retreat?

The retreat accommodation format is a twin share bedroom. If you have two daughters attending, we can offer your family a room with three beds.

Would the retreat be suitable if the participant is anxious?

This retreat is PERFECT for anyone with anxiety. We are understanding and supportive of anyone who has anxiety and will equip you with tools and tips to help you shift past this. This retreat is all about helping you to self soothe and a perfect tranquil environment to relax and take time out from your busy life. You will leave this retreat feeling restored and balanced. A gorgeous way to get back to nature and in touch with who you are.

What age is suitable for this retreat?

The mother and daughter retreats are suitable for girls from the age of 9


Can Beautiful Minds custom design a program to suit the needs of our young people?

Yes we can. Please reach out to our team by heading to the schools page. We look forward to working with your school.

Community & Corporate

Can Beautiful Minds custom design a program to suit the needs of our young people?

Yes we can. Please reach out to our team by heading to the community page. We look forward to working with your organisation.

At Beautiful Minds, we LOVE feedback.

Our culture is one of continuous improvement. We encourage staff, parents, carers and participants to bring to our attention any issues of concern and to make suggestions as to how we may improve our practice. We also welcome your positive feedback and suggestions.

Know before you go

  1. All our experiences are technology free for participants
  2. Please make sure you have read our terms and conditions
  3. Make sure you have read our FAQ’s if you have any questions