Beautiful Minds exists to support Australian families and help them to become happier, stronger and kinder. Founded 18 years ago, we are in 935 schools, host 170 one day workshops and 55 retreats annually.


I started Beautiful Minds seventeen years ago with just two fundamental questions.

What are they feeling?

And –

What if?

What if we could give young people of diversity, from all walks of life a pride in daily life so they believe they are deserving of the world?

What if Beautiful Minds could be the catalyst and a vehicle for children to grow their spirits, grow their character and achieve the things they wish and hope for in this life?

My dreams came true a thousand-fold. Every single day, I get to work alongside my truly hardworking and talented team and have front row seats for the best show you can imagine. Watching young people transform before our eyes.

I wish you, and your children – our kind of success.

Marina Passalaris

Entrepreneur, Speaker, Presenter, Youth Educator & Author

Our National Workshops

Our Workshops

Teen Girls 5month online mentoring support program


“Imagine having your own private coach, that person you get to talk to and really share what is going on for you. Imagine the change you will see in how you think about yourself and how you handle your emotions.Being a part of a community that comes together to learn and share is really special – no more isolation.” – Marina Passalaris

2 sessions a month over 5 months. Next intake is 31 January 2022

Pre-Teen Girls


A one-day workshop to help your daughter find their guiding star, develop a healthy self image and help them unscramble the initial stages of being a teenage girl.

Teen Girls


In this one-day workshop, teenage girls will explore their inner beauty and find a safe space where people feel unafraid to contribute – where everyone feels worthwhile. They will learn strategies to start the journey of being fully human and to navigate the often tricky years of adolescence.

Pre-Teen Boys


Teen years are tricky for boys too. In this one-day workshop your son will gain valuable tools to create a life of meaning and adventure. At the end of the workshop they will be able to identify problems, take responsibility for them and ultimately change them.

FANTASTIKA a digital 5 week support program for Pre Teen Girls + parent.
Next intake February 2022

Fantastika is a 5-week program for girls (aged 7 – 12) + a parent that uses interactive storytelling + live coaching and feedback to develop their potential and overall well-being.

This powerful experience and our science-supported tools will enhance your daughter’s focus, learning, creativity, physical strength, and body and brain health.

FANTASTIKA attendees demonstrate increased motivation, confidence, communication skills and problem solving ability.

Our program will help your daughter navigate:

– Confidence and goal setting

– Mind fitness and managing real life stresses

– Friendships with others and self

– Puberty and changes

Annually Impacting and Educating

1.5 million teens and 3.5 million parents

As seen in

National Schools

School can often be a hard time for young people.

At Beautiful Minds we are hyper-focused on giving students the tools, the strategies and support for building the solid foundations and self belief needed for today’s often turbulent, everchanging and digitally-savvy world.

Tailored by leading psychologists and delivered by our team of experienced presenters, Beautiful Minds has modules for all needs. Offering sessions as one hour, full day programs or half day programs.


Please register your interest at [email protected]

Two nights accomodation, all meals and workshops are included

From $695 per person*

A life-changing retreat you won’t forget!

Calling all teen girls aged 12 – 17 who want to come and enjoy an incredible 3 day Mind Fitness, yoga and health retreat with us at the stunning Swami’s Yoga Retreat, in North West Sydney or BlueGreen Sanctuary Byron Bay or Fingal House in Fingal Victoria.

Two nights accomodation, all meals and workshops are included


per person*

A life-changing retreat she won’t forget!

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