13 – 17.


We believe in our magic soup. As such our workshops are technology free and are held at our retreat locations, to give your daughter a richer and more vibrant experience. The quality of interaction matters to us.

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What to Bring:

Lunch and water

Comfortable clothing so you can move in your movement class

A smile


  • A PDF booklet of the take home notes from the day
  • Access to any of our educators after the workshop if they need additional support
  • The option to come back and volunteer as a  Youth Leader to assist us in future workshops. This is a great way for your daughter to give back to our pre teens, make new friends with other youth leaders and to remain involved in the Beautiful Minds community.
  • Please note – The Swami’s and Byron Bay one day workshops are part of our retreats so your daughter will join our retreat for the day. We do this as the girls then have a beautiful setting in which to learn and feel inspired. 

Workshop Outline and Timetable

This workshop runs from 10am to 3pm


How to physically look confident even when you are nervous? 

Making great first impressions, public speaking made easy, presence, posture, body language and speech.

The art of meeting new people, what to say as a conversation starter, the perfect handshake and how to strike up a conversation.

Healthy Eating & Nutrition
How can you banish puberty blues and PMS through the food you eat?

What are easy meal options that you can create for school lunches?

Our girls will prepare a dish with our nutritionist. 

Smash Self-Doubt & Friendships

How to identify the ‘inner bully’ and when its ‘speaking’ to you. How to stop the inner bully.

The ways we can learn to be healthy friends to ourselves and in turn, be a better friend to those around us.


Our girls will have lunch with our team to ensure everyone sits together and is included.

Mental Health

An important session that covers anxiety and depression and ways to support yourself if you (or someone you know) is experiencing mental health issues.

We give our girls strategies to use so that mental health can be  managed.



Music therapy and dancing is a dynamic way for our girls to relieve stress, elevate confidence and learn to communicate clearly. 

This session has be designed for girls that are not dancers but everyday girls that will benefit from working with music as a way to connect and heal when other forms of communication are not working for them

Wrap Up

Our wrap up session highlights that important take homes for the girls and is used as an opportunity to recap the day.

All our content is created by psychologists that contract to Beautiful Minds

We cover
these topics


Research shows that teen girls are terrified of being judged. All girls want at this age is to be accepted. We share valuable tools with our girls on how to walk into a room full of strangers and start a conversation. How to make the first move and look confident even when you are feeling anxious internally.

Healthy Eating & Nutrition

Healthy eating and busting the sugar cravings and puberty blues. We have a dynamic nutritionist that delivers a fun and interactive session.

Smash Self-Doubt & Friendships

If you talk to any teenage girl,  they will tell you that their friendships are one of their greatest areas of concern. At the start of High School, we start to see a dramatic shift in the way our girls are connecting with each other. Power struggles, rumours, bullying and the constant change in friendships causes a huge amount of anxiety and stress amongst girls. We give our girls the tools to deal with the many situations that will arise for them from Year 6 – Year 12. They are equipped with tools to move into a new circle, move out of a circle, learn how to make and maintain new friends and how to deal with toxic conflict that may arise at school. 

Mental Health

Even if your daughter is not struggling with anxiety or depression, it is important to equip our girls with the information and tools to deal with it as they may have friends going through these struggles.

Learn about anxiety – what causes it, why does it happen and and proven ways to manage it.


The final session is all about learning to let go and use music as a way to fully express how you are feeling. When we move (even if we are not a natural dancer) we elevate how we feel about ourselves. Music therapy is a dynamic way to wrap up the day.

What our
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Our award winning programs have been given the tick of approval from the Department of Education. That is why we are the sole, content providers for the My Diary school diary’s that are distributed to just over 1.5 million Aussie school students. We are the pioneers in these courses as we launched Beautiful Minds 13 years ago. There was nothing like this back then and we have continued to grow and expand. Today, Beautiful Minds is Australia’s leading provider of educational workshops for teens, delivering sessions to thousands of teens annually.

All of our content has been created by our experts at Beautiful Minds (please see our educators page) and our team of psychologists. We work with our Board of Advisors, psychologists and parenting experts to regularly update all of our content. We also support headspace as our charity partner and this helps us ensure we are up to date on all relevant facts relating to mental health. Trusted by our International partner brands, you know your daughter is getting the best when she attends a Beautiful Minds workshop.

Tickets to our events are non transferable and non refundable. Tickets to our events are non transferable and non refundable. You are not able to get a refund for this event however you can sell your ticket or gift it to a friend. If you are living in an area that becomes closed  due to COVID or you are unable to cross the border to get to the venue, then we can move you into another date. If you live in any suburb and the workshop is going ahead but you choose not to attend due to COVID, you will lose your place and we will not be able to move you to another date due to changing your mind.

We see incredible results from our one day courses but we at Beautiful Minds do not view them as a one day course. We set the course up as a mentoring program and then encourage all our students to stay in contact with us after the course. Students can sign up to our online program which has informative videos covering a range of topics which keeps your child feeling supported long after the course wraps up. Our educational videos act as an incredible support system for both parents and teens. We also offer after care with any of our psychologists if your child needs additional support.

With our preteen workshops, teen girl workshops, retreats, online programs and after care support, we are here to ensure we support your daughter from the age of 8 right up to when she turns 18 years of age.

We take the work we are doing at Beautiful Minds very seriously, we are dealing with young lives and so we ensure that our course plus after care options deliver outstanding results.

Yes they do. This is important to ensure we only hire and work with educators that we can trust.

Every course is overseen by our Founder Marina Passalaris who is on hand throughout every session to address any needs that arise.

This is a personal choice. We have many girls that attend our courses on their own. Yes, they are nervous at first but within the first 30 minutes, they are relaxed and loving it. It is always more fun if they attend with a friend or sibling.

To ensure of an intimate setting we take no more than 35 students per course.

Yes! You cannot put a price on having your daughter walking away from a program feeling happier and more self assured. You are setting her up for life with some incredibly valuable skills and tips. This will be the best money you ever invest in her. To compare, a one off visit with a psychologist is around $280 for an hour. Your daughter will be spending 5 hours with a team that have created a program developed for them by psychologists. The value is exceptional! On top of that, your daughter will receive a Beautiful Minds book, healthy snacks and get to take home her gorgeous dream catcher.

If we feel that a young person needs further after care and support after our courses, we will contact the parents and engage with them, discussing steps that need to be taken in order to get maximum results.

Yes. We have Public Liability Insurance coverage with a highly reputable Australian provider.

Comfortable clothing, lunch and a big smile!