YASU™ Calming Necklace

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YASU means calm in Japanese.

YASU is a scientifically designed breathing tool that helps you control your breathing, reduce anxiety and calms your racing mind.

Inhaling brings energy into your body, exhaling calms you down.

We know with all the research available around breathing, that is the out breathe that calms us down but it needs to be a controlled exhale which is where the power of the YASU comes in.

We need to learn to breathe better and in turn, we will manage and regulate our emotions better.

For many years at Beautiful Minds, we have taught kids how to do straw breathing.

The YASU is straw breathing in a necklace where you can wear it daily and use it whenever you are feeling overwhelmed.

How Breathing With A YASU Helps Anxiety

Controlled breathing through a YASU can help you regain a feeling of calm and can be a very useful tool for anxiety.

When we are stressed, angry or panicked, we tend to take short, shallow breaths. This can increase the activity of the sympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for the “fight or flight“ stress response.

When you use the YASU and breath in and out using this tool, you are forced to practise controlled, slow breathing. This has the effect of stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system. This is responsible for the resting, calm state and balances the effects of the sympathetic nervous system, which triggers anxiety and adrenaline.

Regular use of your YASU can help your body to regain its natural balance, and reduce your reaction to the stress you encounter in you life.

It can also dramatically reduce the feelings of anxiety.


Customer Reviews

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Alison Perizi
The Yasu Necklace has been a godsend for my preteen daughter

My daughter loves her Yasu necklace, she has had a lot of big changes in her life this year with the start of high school, friendship group issues and body changes. Having the Yasu has helped her to calm her nerves and manage stress and overwhelm. It's such a fantastic tool for young people, she loves that it is in the form of a necklace that she can access easily everyday. It has also been a conversation starter when her friends ask about the necklace she is able to share her secret weapon for staying calm. Highly recommend, it has definitely taught her the importance of breathing properly!!!

Looks lovely!

My daughter loves it very much! It really helps her feel more calm and relaxed and looks great with anything too.