A group of girls wearing white and flowers on their head

The Experience

A Beautiful Minds® retreat is a one time investment, in the most important period in your daughter’s life.

Over 1.6 million kids and their families have learned to navigate the tricky growing up years with Beautiful Minds®. Our sessions have been designed in partnership with some of the world’s leading wellness experts so your family can take home a toolkit of skills to be your best and feel your best.

Mums and daughters enjoying a beautiful minds® retreat

Who should attend?

Our retreats are suitable for mums with daughters aged 8-14 who are already connected but understand the value of strengthening their relationship at an age where their daughter still wants to spend quality time with them.

Or busy, tired mums that want a beautiful break with their daughter. A space to really focus on their relationship without the distractions from the outside world and other family members.

And families that want to learn quality tools to communicate better, strengthen their trust, have less stress and overwhelm and live their best lives together. 


Included in Your Stay

In additional to the exciting workshops & activities, here is what is included in your stay with us.