Transformative Father And Son Adventure Camps - For Boys 7-14

Transformative Father And Son Adventure Camps - For Boys 7-14

It's More Than a Guy Thing: It's an Adventure of a Lifetime

Have you got a son struggling to navigate some of the challenges of growing up?

Are you a Dad working tirelessly around the clock to provide, who can’t seem to get enough quality time with his son?

Or a high-skilled Dad in the workplace who needs some tools to create a stronger and happier family and home environment?

Meet Instant Thunder

We designed INSTANT THUNDER to be awe-inspiring. 

And worked with some of the world’s most talented people to put it together.

We know it isn’t easy out there at the moment for families. 

And too many young boys are falling through the cracks of life when they reach their teenage years.

We’re Beautiful Minds – one of Australia’s longest-serving family well-being brands.

We’ve helped guide the growth and development of over 1.6 million Australian kids since 2003.

Our secret sauce isn’t really a secret. 

We make things fun while arming parents with powerful tools, and strategies that help your family live your best lives.

what can you expect at instant thunder?

INSTANT THUNDER is no walk in the park.

It’s a series of exciting and challenging activities designed to push your family’s limits:

Navigate through the wild under the stars.

Zip through dirt tracks together in buggies.

Forge through mud pits. 

Face your most primal fears in our underground tunnels.


Learn tools and strategies created by our world-class experts

Dr. Andrew Huberman

Dr. Andrew Huberman is the Head Of Neuroscience at The Huberman Lab For Neuroscience at Stanford University 

He is one of the world’s leading well-being experts. His research and work cover a wide range of topics across human well-being. 

Dealing With Stress and Anxiety

 Learning To Sleep Better

 Learning To Regulate Emotions Optimising Inner and Outer Well-Being

Paul roos boys well-being

Paul Roos

Paul Roos is an AFL Hall of Fame player, the 2005 AFL Premiership-winning coach, and a global leadership expert.

In 2008, Paul was named Australian Father of the Year.

Paul is on a mission to create stronger family environments. Based on the principles learned from building revered club cultures at the Sydney Swans and Melbourne Demons.

His focus is on helping Dads become better leaders in the home.

And helping families to become better communicators.

Become A Part Of History at emu gully

Emu Gully is more than a venue.

It is steeped in history.

Our activities are inspired by historical events and theaters of conflict including WW1, WW2, and Vietnam.

Experience our ANZAC history, demonstrate core values of Courage, Mateship, Sacrifice, and Perseverance, and write your own chapter in world, together.

Instant Thunder is not just a camp. It’s opportunity for fathers and sons to grow, bond, and to learn to face the world together.

So, are you ready to answer the call of thunder?
Join us at INSTANT THUNDER, and together, let's unleash your family's potential