An adventure camp to connect mums and daughters aged 8-14

Are you struggling to get the meaningful, quality, one-on-one time with your daughter you need?

Come join us at a Beautiful Minds® Unearthed Camp.

Unearthed means 👉 Bringing to light something forgotten or hidden.

Turn off your phone, step into the country, and disconnect from the outside noise.

Just you and your daughter. Creating forever moments.

The next two nights are all about you and your daughter connecting at a deeper level, learning each other’s strengths, and learning to work together in life.

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Your family can experience our beloved Beautiful Minds® well-being programs in outdoor activities and mind and spirit, curated for all ages. And get creative with drawing workshops and T-Swift themed yoga.

Even better – we’ve added camp classics like flying foxes, canoeing, nature walks and raft-building to the agenda.

Our first day ends on a perfect note with campfire treats and stories.

Come alive again with activities to thrill and challenge you

Email [email protected] for more information, or speak to our team at:



Here is an overview on the activities at our camp. The main reason we do not give you a detailed timetable is that we know mums spend their days time checking and running from one commitment to the next. Whilst at our camp, we want you to forget about time and ‘what’s next.”

We want you to relax and be present at each activity so whilst our team has detailed runsheet, we want you to come on this journey and allow the experience to unfold activity by activity. 

What activities can you expect at the camp?

  • Abseiling 

  • Flying Fox

  • Raft Building
  • Sensory Trail
  • Bon Fire, Smores, Letting Go Ceremony
  • Journalling Under The Star
  • Friday Night Pamper Bar With Homemade Masks
  • Stargazing, bushwalks
  • Beautiful Minds mum and daughter connection sessions to strengthen trust, family contracts and deepen your connection 💕
Can I book my child in if they are a few months younger (or older) than your advertised age range.

Yes absolutely! We often host children who are a few months out from our age range.

Do you cater to parents wanting to attend a camp or retreat with two children?

Yes we do. In fact, we often host a parent and their two children. At our camps and retreats, this always has a fantastic impact on the sibling relationship. It also means all of our science supported tools go back to your home with all of the kids.

Can I use NDIS funding for your retreats, camps and workshops?

At Beautiful Minds, we support many families who receive NDIS funding. Our retreats, camps and programs may be eligible.

To proceed with NDIS funding, we would require the following steps to be taken to raise a suitable invoice for NDIS.

Accessing your NDIS funding for a Beautiful Minds program:

1: Email our team at [email protected]

2: Include in your email the following information –

1: Your child’s full name

2: Date of birth

3: NDIS number

4: What funding do they receive? Core, capacity building or both?

5: Once the invoice is raised, who should our accounts team send it to?

Please note, we require full payment prior to all of our events so if NDIS are only going to pay after our retreat or camp, you would need to make payment and NDIS would reimburse you.