WE ARE proud to launch our pre-teen workshops for boys aged 8 - 11 years. We are offering this in Sydney and Canberra, AND launchING Nationally by July.
Our preteen workshop gives your son key social and decision making skills to use BEFORE an issue escalates.


Preteen Boys Workshops

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What to Bring:

Lunch and water

Comfortable clothing so you can move in your fitness session

A smile


  • Fruit and healthy snacks
  • After care notes
  • FREE membership to our Beautiful Minds Telegram group that sends your son daily videos, inspirational content and personal messages from our Founder Marina Passalaris to keep him on track, happy and healthy. This daily content is sent straight to your son’s phone so he has it on hand if he needs additional support after the workshop.

Workshop Outline and Timetable

This workshop runs from 10am to 3pm

Introduction to Better Mate

Our interactive icebreaker session sets the tone for the day. 

Resilience & Mental Strength through Exercise 

Our research shows that boys often learn better when they are actively involved in a session. Our outdoors fitness challenge is both mentally and psychically challenging and equips our boys with tools to help them build resilience and grit.

What is a Real Man? Elevating our Boy’s Self-Respect

What is respect, and what does it mean to have respect? 

How does self-respect (or the lack thereof) contribute to the poor treatment of other people?

How can we help raise our own self-respect? How can we take the respect we have for ourselves and use that to create healthy friendships and relationships with our family?

Lunch with our youth leaders and team
Mental Health

Our boys often struggle to communicate how they are feeling. Our session on mental health is vital to equip them with strategies and support if they are struggling with depression or anxiety. Even if your son is not dealing with anxiety or feelings of self doubt, this session will equip him to bounce back quicker when he is having a stressful or challenging day.

Resilience, Grit And Gratitude

Your son will learn:

1: How to reframe situations in his life using gratitude and empathy to ensure he has a positive outlook on life.

2: How to deal with bullying and strategies on how to stop it before it escalates.

3: What are the 5 habits of happiness that can lead to resilience and happiness.


Music Therapy through drumming

When words fail, sounds can often speak. Music releases dopamine and helps our boys learn to communicate effectively. 

Your son will engage in a dynamic African drumming session that encourages boys to speak up with the aid of music and action.

A wrap up of the day. We recap what our boys have taken away from the preteen workshop.


Every educator on board with Beautiful Minds is a professional in their field. They all have their own businesses and working with a number of different educators makes this course really exciting and inspirational for the boys. Our pre-teen workshop gives your son the key social and decision making skills to use BEFORE an issue escalates.

We cover
these topics


Our icebreaker session gets our boys comfortable with each other and the process of the day they are about to embark on. We focus on how to make a great first impression, how to start conversations with people they have never met, the art of the perfect handshake and the importance of remembering names. 

Resilience & Mental Strength Through Exercise

Our boys work with our fitness instructor who takes them outside to do a series of movements and tasks that are designed to build resilience. We educate the boys on mental strength as well as physical strength and how a young person can channel their negative emotions through physical exercise. This session is brilliant for boys that are experiencing outbursts of anger and a change of emotions.

What Is A Real Man? Elevating Our Boys' Self Respect

This session is all about understanding the choices our boys are making and how these impact their world. When we think about what is a real man, we want to break down society’s view on what this looks like and instead focus on what qualities and values each boy has to ensure they are the best version of themselves.

This session has a strong focus on friendships and healthy relationships at home.

Mental Health

What are our boys struggling with? We tackle the tough topics, assisting our boys to open up and share what is going on for them. Anxiety, school pressure, low self esteem, beating the blues, stopping the negative self talk and the power of vulnerability.

Music Therapy

Our dynamic music therapist works with our boys through music as a platform to help them clearly express their emotions. 

What our
attendees think


Our award winning programs have been given the tick of approval from the Department of Education. That is why we are the sole, content providers for the My Diary school diary’s that are distributed to just over 1.5 million Aussie school students. We are the pioneers in these courses as we launched Beautiful Minds 13 years ago. There was nothing like this back then and we have continued to grow and expand. Today, Beautiful Minds is Australia’s leading provider of educational workshops for teens, delivering sessions to thousands of teens annually.

All of our content has been created by our experts at Beautiful Minds (please see our educators page) and our team of psychologists. We work with our Board of Advisors, psychologists and parenting experts to regularly update all of our content. We also support headspace as our charity partner and this helps us ensure we are up to date on all relevant facts relating to mental health. Trusted by our International partner brands, you know your son is getting the best when he attends a Beautiful Minds workshop.

We are able to refund a course if the request is made 3 weeks before the course date. As we take a very limited number of students per course, refunds can only be made 21 days in advance. Any time after that, we can offer you to complete the course on a different date in any one of our locations.

We see incredible results from our one day courses but we at Beautiful Minds do not view them as a one day course. We set the course up as a mentoring program and then encourage all our students to stay in contact with us after the course. We also offer after care with any of our psychologists if your son needs additional support.

We take the work we are doing at Beautiful Minds very seriously, we are dealing with young lives and so we ensure that our course plus after care options deliver outstanding results.

Yes they do. This is important to ensure we only hire and work with educators that we can trust.

Every course is overseen by our Head Presenter Dan Price, who is on hand throughout every session to address any needs that arise.

This is a personal choice. We have many boys that attend our courses on their own. Yes, they are nervous at first but within the first 30 minutes, they are relaxed and loving it. It is always more fun if they attend with a friend or sibling.

To ensure of an intimate setting we take no more than 35 students per course.

Yes! You cannot put a price on having your son walk away from a program feeling happier and more self assured. You are setting him up for life with some incredibly valuable skills and tips. This will be the best money you ever invest in him. To compare, a one off visit with a psychologist is around $280 for an hour. Your son will be spending 5 hours with a team that have created a program developed for them by psychologists. The value is exceptional!

If we feel that a young person needs further after care and support after our courses, we will contact the parents and engage with them, discussing steps that need to be taken in order to get maximum results.

Yes. We have Public Liability Insurance coverage with a highly reputable Australian provider.

Comfortable clothing, lunch and a big smile!