What has happened to our girls?



Another Melbourne Cup has passed and we are once again reminded that the vast majority of girls are not ladies. Every year, the races are a cautionary tale about how women should act and the repetitive reminder for girls to keep their shoes on and every year we see more and more proof that girls are behaving badly. I am not advocating that adults should not drink and enjoy themselves but what I am concerned about is the need to write yourself off. Whats going on in someones world where alcohol is used to numb all the senses? What happened to having a few drinks and keeping your dignity and clothes in tact?

There is the argument that real equality is when women have the right to be as drunk and stupid as men. My response to this is that drunk men are equally as unattractive. It has nothing to do with what sex you are, this is across the board but for the purpose of my article, I am focusing on what I am passionate about which is the education and empowerment of girls and women.

Every year we see the same scenario, beautiful girls walking into cocktail parties, races, Christmas functions, New Years Eve (and the list goes on). These women have spent time and money doing their hair, face, nails, purchasing a new outfit, clutch and shoes. They have taken the time to put themselves together in a way that looks elegant and sophisticated. A couple of hours into a function, a few too many drinks under their belt and it all starts to unravel..badly.

There is nothing fun or classy about seeing a women who has had too much to drink. Its common, tacky and disrespectful to everyone around her. But lets for a second step away from the way this all reflects back on the individual and focus on the more sinister issues here. When women are so intoxicated that they have to lie down in a public area, they are at a stage where being raped, having unprotected sex and making poor decisions are a very real issue. They become the fodder for strangers entertainment. This was made ever so clear yesterday when a new Instagram page titled @DrunkGirlsOfMelbourneCup loaded up these images and within two hours, this new page had gone from 1k to 29k. These girls on this site are someones daughter, mother, best friend or sister and they are doing themselves a disservice in the way they are choosing to represent themselves or the brands and companies they own or work for.

In relation to the images, Sydney’s Courier Mail reported, “While we can’t confirm that any of the people in the photographs are drunk, they all appear to be filled with the spirit of a day at the Aussie races.” This  comment in itself is horrifying! We are a Country that promotes binge drinking. ‘Real men’ drink and ‘fun women’ can keep up. That comment alone implies that this behaviour is sociably acceptable.

I recently had an email from a well respected business woman. At work, she is a total dynamo but give her a few drinks and she regularly gets herself into a lot of trouble. She contacted me with the concern that she had no recollection of having had sex after a night on the booze. It was only until after she had found two used condoms in her bed and received a text of thanks from a total stranger, that she realized what must have happened. This story is not a once off incident and if you are someone who is unable to handle your alcohol intake, I would strongly suggest not drinking and looking into getting professional help. There are reasons why people repeadly drink too much. It gives them something that they are unable to tap into when sober, namely confidence and a high self-esteem. The alcohol is the bravado, the liquid courage, the fun juice required to enjoy themselves.