Confidence & Self Esteem. How to get it and maintain it?

April 26, 2016 Advice, Family, Help, Parents, Uncategorised

There are often a number of factors in a person’s life that can lead to the loss of confidence in themselves. We are not all born as confident individuals so how do you build up your confidence? Often we hear people saying to us, “You just need to be more confident.” But what does that mean? Confidence is a tricky word, particularly amongst teens as no one wants to appear too confident or up themselves. Unfortunately, we are living inRead More

What has happened to our girls?

November 5, 2014 Parents, Uncategorised

  Another Melbourne Cup has passed and we are once again reminded that the vast majority of girls are not ladies. Every year, the races are a cautionary tale about how women should act and the repetitive reminder for girls to keep their shoes on and every year we see more and more proof that girls are behaving badly. I am not advocating that adults should not drink and enjoy themselves but what I am concerned about is the needRead More

Beauty advise all mothers should pass onto their daughters

October 8, 2014 Advice, Parents, Uncategorised

Ever since I watched my mother get ready for a night out, I learned a lot and couldn’t resist sharing some of my favorite gems of advice. The first beauty product you should apply every day is sunscreen, even if it’s cloudy or rainy outside. The sun’s UV rays can penetrate clouds and car windows. Apply SPF 30 to your face, neck and hands.   Always wash your make up off before you go to bed no matter how tiredRead More

Almost 36 and my face is falling apart!

November 11, 2013 Parents, Uncategorised

My 36th birthday is on Saturday. Now, I am not freaking out about aging, I have always looked after my skin with facials, good products, lots of water, sleep and good food but I did feel it was time to investigate a good skin peel. I wanted something to give my skin that youthful glow, making me look healthy. I did my research and found ‘the’ skin clinic in Sydney. Apparently ‘everyone who is anyone’ gets their skin buffed, polishedRead More


April 8, 2013 Advice, Uncategorised

Do use a hand cream every day. Nail polish will always look better on smooth, soft hands. Do keep your hands out of water for a few hours after you have applied your polish. Getting them wet will make the polish peel off. Do apply more topcoat between manicures – it will give your nails extra shine and make your polish last longer. Do remember to wear rubber gloves when using cleaning products. Do keep your nail polish in theRead More