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Understanding our emotions

July 6, 2016 Advice, Help, Uncategorised

Emotions are a major part of human nature. They help us to understand information and teach us how to react. We start to learn about our emotions from when we are babies. When we are this young, we use facial expressions or act out the emotion such as laughter or crying. As a young child, our minds don’t really know what the emotion is or how to describe it. As we start to get older, we start to understand ourRead More

Confidence & Self Esteem. How to get it and maintain it?

April 26, 2016 Advice, Family, Help, Parents, Uncategorised

There are often a number of factors in a person’s life that can lead to the loss of confidence in themselves. We are not all born as confident individuals so how do you build up your confidence? Often we hear people saying to us, “You just need to be more confident.” But what does that mean? Confidence is a tricky word, particularly amongst teens as no one wants to appear too confident or up themselves. Unfortunately, we are living inRead More

How sexting can ruin your life.

So much has changed since we were teens (you know, the dark ages..) If we, as parents don’t address the current issues in our teens lives, they will get this information elsewhere. The problem with that is, it often leaves our kids misinformed. Sex-ting amongst our teens is on the rise. It is a term that refers to the sending of nude, partially nude or sexually suggestive images or text. There are a number of reasons that explain why thisRead More

What are our teen girls greatest struggles?

December 1, 2014 Advice, Help, Parents, Uncategorised

  It feels like overnight I have gone from being an awkward teen to being ‘that’ adult that uses the most frustrating sentence ever…..”When I was your age.” Or another gem, “I know what you are going through.” When I use any of these sentences on my Beautiful Minds teens, I can see the expression on their faces. They literally want to find a sharp object and drive it into my eyes. Yes, it is fair to say that toRead More

What has happened to our girls?

November 5, 2014 Parents, Uncategorised

  Another Melbourne Cup has passed and we are once again reminded that the vast majority of girls are not ladies. Every year, the races are a cautionary tale about how women should act and the repetitive reminder for girls to keep their shoes on and every year we see more and more proof that girls are behaving badly. I am not advocating that adults should not drink and enjoy themselves but what I am concerned about is the needRead More

The gift Mandela gave me

January 7, 2014 Advice, Parents, Uncategorised

I was born and raised in a small farming community called Empangeni, Natal, located 2 hours north of Durban in South Africa. It was 1995 and the Rugby World Cup final, rugby’s biggest game was on as I sat watching as Nelson Mandela walked out onto the field wearing the number six Springbok jumper. Within seconds, 65,000 white rugby supporters were chanting his name, South Africa’s first black president. His message of reconciliation, not vengeance, inspired the world after heRead More