Self Care and Technology Use


There is nothing wrong with technology. There is nothing wrong with being connected. When you think about it, being able to share your life and every moment of doubt or joy that fills your day, with any number of people, is amazing. It’s a huge opportunity to live out-loud, and to live unquietly.

But everything has its limits. All good things are good things within reason, and with boundaries. If you let your phone, your tablet and your DMs rule every waking moment of your time, and you don’t draw a line between the technology that lets you live and the life that’s there to be lived, it’s only going to cause you pain. You can miss out on the moments that matter, if you only view them with a screen in between.

You don’t have to start giving technology up, or living without it. You can set simple rules that can guide how you use it. You can try sleeping with your phone in another room to charge, so you aren’t staring at it and reshaping your thought patterns right before you sleep. You can try taking some space and some margin from your device first thing in the morning, and not checking notifications until after you’ve eaten breakfast and you’re awake and ready to handle it.

Set some boundaries. Set some limits. And see how it makes you breathe a little easier when you’re not using technology, and enjoy it more when you are.

By Joan Westenberg

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