School programs for year 5-12 students

We offer four sessions for girls and boys. Ask us today how we can best personalise this for your school.

Student wellbeing is a major focus in our content. We inspire students to implement our strategies to improve mental health and ensure they are happy and healthy adolescences.
Beautiful Minds tackles the tough topics surrounding our young people’s social, digital and wider world. We bring them to light in a transparent manner so our youth feel empowered, educated and supported as they advance down an often-challenging school journey.

For Boys

1 – What is a Real Man?
2 – Men and Relationships
3 – Men Do Dumb Things
4 – Beating Stinking Thinking (Mental Health)

For Girls

1 – Body Image and Self Esteem.
2 – Inner Bully, Inner Bestie
3 – Selfies, Texts and Sexts
4 – Beating Stinking Thinking (Mental Health)



CEO & Founder
Marina is the Founder of Beautiful Minds. She holds a certificate IV in training and assessment, is a qualified Mental Health trainer, a qualified Dale Carnegie presenter and a qualified suicide prevention educator. She shares her personal story of anxiety and depression.


School Presenter
Gracie is a Motivational Speaker and Mental Health Advocate who shares her struggles with an eating disorder, anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue and Lupus. A dynamic presenter, Gracie delivers sessions that are engaging and interactive.


School Presenter
Andrew is an ex school teacher who shares his struggles with bulimia and body image. A martial arts expert and dynamic presenter, Andrew is a powerful and relatable presenter for our boys.


School Presenter
Kathleen is a Youth Mentor, Registered Children's Yoga Teacher & Mindful Schools Educator, currently studying Youth Work. Kathleen’s passion is to help teens develop their self-confidence, resilience and self-acceptance.


School Presenter
Marika is a presenter, accredited practising dietitian and nutritionist. Marika runs a gut health and nutrition clinic from the Sydney Pelvic Clinic in Bondi Junction. She is passionate about elevating young girls body image and self-esteem through valuing themselves by the nutrition they consume.

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What Schools, Parents and Professionals are Saying

Beautiful Minds is the sole educational content provider for My Diary. My Diary offers customised school diaries to educational institutes Nationwide. Recommended by the NSW Department of Education as the must have tool for all students, My Diary has been distributed to over 800 schools and 1.5 million Australian teenagers. Please view samples of our content in My Diary below.


We are not a one off inspirational ‘sugar high’ that arrives and delivers a ‘fluffy’ talk about how to love yourself. We see many presenters going into schools telling young people to ‘be happy’ and ‘you can do it’ and ‘believe in yourself’. This is all lovely but does not give our kids any actual support and tools that they can implement into their daily lives. We are very focused on leaving students with action steps that will actually make a difference to their world. We also support headspace as our charity partner and this helps us ensure we are up to date on all relevant facts relating to mental health.

Beautiful Minds are the sole educational content providers for the My Diary school diaries that are tailor-designed and distributed to currently 800 schools around Australia. Our content is distributed to 1.5 million students, this allows us to connect with a broader audience and support a wide variety of Australian students indirectly. We ensure that we always have the most up to date and relevant content that schools can access.

Yes, however we may need to pass on any costs directly associated with this.

Absolutely. During the conclusion, we ask the students to reflect on the day and record their thoughts for us. We collate all this feedback and provide your school with a summary. We also include any observations we have made throughout the day that we think may be of interest. As we realise feedback needs to be timely, we usually have this completed by the next week. We also seek additional feedback from the school, this is when we are able to gauge the response from parents and learn more about the long-term impact of our programs.

A performance space (library, large classroom, drama studio, lecture theatre, etc.) and a projection screen.

Yes. We have Public Liability Insurance coverage with a highly reputable Australian provider.

Yes, all our presenters hold a current working with children card.

To secure your booking, a deposit of $300 + GST is immediately required. Before the event date we will send you, an outline of the set-up requirements, confirmation details of your booking as well as a presentation schedule.

Yes, we can tailor any of our programs to suit the time your school has available. Our programs are 60 minutes each in length and we can deliver them any way that suits your school.