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For parents and girls aged 8 - 14

We support girls who are struggling with their friendships at school, are going into High School or starting a new school.

Are experiencing anxiety, overwhelm
and sleep issues


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Both parent and child will take part in 2 x one hour live streams with a qualified Beautiful Minds coach and psychologist. 

Livestream 1 – a 60 minute highly interactive workshop where you and your daughter will learn all of our science supported tools on how to manage friendship issues, deal with conflict at school, address bullying, learn about healthy friendship qualities, who to give trust to and how to silence your own inner bully.

Livestream 2 – a 60 minute highly interactive session where you are up off your feet doing our mental wellbeing tools to stop anxiety, have better sleep and manage your mind and emotions better. Beautiful Minds have a partnership with both Stanford University and Harvard University so we are sharing some of the most effective wellbeing tools out there! This session is fun and dynamic.

How we can help you and your daughter?

Beautiful Minds have been supporting Australian families for 21 years and we are in over 987 school Nationwide.

We see first hand every day exactly what are girls are struggling with.

There will be days when your daughter comes home in tears. When she is struggling with friendships at school.

And times when she battles with anxious thoughts and doesn’t want to go to school that day.

Sometimes you aren’t equipped with all the tools needed to help her through those moments.

She does not need to be on a forever waitlist to see a clinical psychologist. 

She just needs qualified support quickly, delivered in a fun way. However, in order to implement our science supported tools, we must have the parents involved learning alongside her.

Welcome to QUEENHOOD.

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Suitable for girls aged 7 - 12 and their parents

Are you sick of picking your daughter up from school and hearing about another friendship issue or drama that has happened that day?
We do not want our kids feeling sad, isolated, left out or upset.
QUEENHOOD covers the important issues – how to navigate friendships, deal with conflict or bullying, self soothe using our science supported wellbeing tools and how to have a more peaceful experience at school.
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Live stream workshops for parent and child
Two Masterclasses plus ongoing support in our BM+ parent portal
It’s a living, breathing, and transformational community of people just like you


26th March 2024 – 5.00pm – 6.00pm (AEST)

27th March 2024 – 5.00pm – 6.00pm (AEST)

Who and Where?

Suitable for girls aged 7 – 12
and their parent/carers


We send you a secure link to join from the comfort of your own home

Hosted by


Marina is the Founder and CEO of Beautiful Minds.

She is an Author, entrepreneur, educator, speaker and a qualified youth counsellor and suicide prevention trainer. Marina has been working with young people for over 21 years.

In 2017, Beautiful Minds won the Westpac Bank 200 Business of Tomorrow award, recognised as one of the top 200 “up and coming” businesses in Australia.

In 2018, Marina was nominated for Australian of the Year.

Marina passalaris
Marina passalaris
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Need Assistance?

Our Beautiful Minds team is always here to serve you. 

[email protected]

or 1800 264 637