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5 month mentoring club


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“Imagine having your own private coach, that person you get to talk to and really share what is going on for you. Imagine the change you will see in how you think about yourself and how you handle your emotions. Being a part of a community that comes together to learn and share is really special – no more isolation.” – Marina Passalaris

2 sessions a month over 5 months

The last 18 months has been really tough on our teen girls. Many of them are either not at the stage where they need to see a psychologist, but really need someone qualified to talk to OR they really need to see someone but the wait time is over 6 months.

We have a solution to this problem.

Beautiful Minds is one of Australia’s leading teen mental wellbeing companies and we are launching our coaches program to mentor girls aged 13 – 17. This five month program will be done on Streamyard. Our group will meet twice a month for one hour of content and 30 minutes of mentoring. Your daughter will have access to our team throughout the 5 month program plus parents will be added to the private Facebook page.

Our content has been created by some of the world’s leading neuroscientists and psychologists from Stanford and Harvard University and we will be teaching your daughter these tools to equip her to tackle life’s challenges.

Our science-supported tools enhance focus, learning, creativity, physical strength and brain and body health.

These fun and actionable sessions develop individual potential but more importantly create a sense of belonging and connection which is critical to overall human wellbeing.

Young girls need a set of daily habits that they can do on a regular basis to ensure their mind fitness is something they learn to look after from a young age. Our sessions are dynamic and immersive and give young people a toolkit for life.

Our coaching program kicks off from 5.00pm – 6.00pm and each month covers:

· Banishing anxiety and agitation

· How to feel calm, courageous and confident in any situation

· Daily habits to increase happiness and improve your body image

· Movement, health and feeling safe in your own body

· Tools to cope with her ever changing and challenging friendships

. Assertive conversations

. How to be motivated whilst the world feels like it has paused

. How to Speak – powerful listening and speaking tools for better communication

Live & Mentoring Dates and times 5.00pm – 6.00pm each month (AEST Queensland):

NEXT GROUP – 24th January, 21 February, 21st March, 25th April and 30th May

GROUP TWO – 25th April, 30th May, 20th June, 25th July and 22 August

GROUP THREE – 20th June, 25th July, 22 August, 12th September, 24th October

*In addition to these dates, there will be the 5 x bonus Zooms that will be on offer.

Approved by the Australian Education Department and NDIS funding is avaliable.

Places are strictly limited.

Beautiful Minds exists to help Australian families become happier, stronger and kinder.

We look forward to supporting your daughter.


5:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Your safe space,

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