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A science-supported day designed to help pre-teen girls with everything they’re going through

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This experience is for

Girls Aged 8-12

Who can come to a 1-day event in:
Brisbane, Melbourne, Gold Coast, or Sydney


How we can help her

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Fun, dynamic,
and transformative well-being sessions

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Science-supported mental health tools created by the world’s leading experts
from Harvard and Stanford University

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A certified BEAUTIFUL MINDS professional to
help your daughter build confidence and mastery

Leveraging the very best knowledge from

Harvard University and Stanford University
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It's so easy to forget what it was like

When we were young. There were things which at the time, were our whole world.

Things we don't even think about now. 

With decades of wisdom under our belts, it’s easy to lose perspective and trivialize issues that are EVERYTHING to your daughter right now.

Growing up is always complex. Raising kids to deal with everything they face is really, really challenging.

And, as parents, we're all so busy, that it's easy to overlook some things which really matter to your daughter.

After 12,230 workshops we know,

there’s a 99% chance she’s dealing with this

  • Friendship group conflict 
  • A changing body (puberty)
  • Pressure to achieve academically and in extra-curricular pursuits
  • Everything else that's confusing about growing up into an adult

It can project itself into your home like this...

Does any of this ring a bell?

Your daughter, at times, might be:

  • Feeling anxious and overwhelmed
  • Getting ‘sick’ and unwilling to go to school
  • Having trouble sleeping or becoming a fussy eater
  • Showing more obvious signs of stress and anxiety (fidgeting, restlessness, short-temper, inability to focus or relax)
  • Obsessing over her own self-image
  • Avoiding opening up and having particular conversations with you which you know you both need to have
  • Using mobile phones as a social comfort cushion

Then there are the volatile friendship group dynamics

  • She's best friends one minute with someone and then enemies the next
  • In a friendship group and then excluded
  • The target of bullying, personal character attacks, and manipulation

And at home there's

Fighting and disagreement with siblings at home

General disharmony and friction which disrupts your family unit

18+ years spent perfecting this program

This 1-day experience is designed to help give her all the tools she needs to deal with this stage of her life. In just one day, we’ll help get her on the right path, and impart a bank tools which she can fall back on to keep her on the right path.

This day will

Help Restore Her Confidence

Research shows that pre-teen girls are terrified of being judged. All girls want at this age is to be accepted. We share valuable tools with our girls on how to walk into a room full of strangers and start a conversation. How to make the first move and look confident even when you are feeling anxious internally. Children often hear adults telling them that they need to be confident. However, no one actually shows them how to do this. We will teach your daughter 6 things she can do every day to feel and be more confident. She will feel more confident not only within herself but in how she communicates with others.

Smash Her Self-Doubt and Forge Strong Friendships

If you talk to any young girl, they will tell you that their friendships are one of their greatest areas of concern. At the start of Year 3, we start to see a dramatic shift in the way our girls are connecting with each other. Power struggles, rumours, bullying and the constant change in friendships causes a huge amount of anxiety and stress amongst girls. We give our girls the tools to deal with the many situations that will arise for them from Year 3, right throughout their life. They are equipped with tools to move into a new circle, move out of a circle, learn how to make and maintain new friends and how to deal with toxic conflict that may arise at school.

Get Her Mind Fit & Life Ready

Life can be challenging at times. There will be moments when we struggle to sleep, are having issues with our friendships, feel overwhelmed with the amount of school work we have, are feeling flat, anxious or unsure of ourselves. Our science based tools are practical and done in real time to assist your daughter with feeling overwhelmed. The tools and strategies are there to help her cope, to manage life better and to set up daily habits so life becomes smoother for her.

Calm Anxiety

Research shows that anxiety is one of the main concerns of girls from the age of 8. Even if your daughter is not struggling with anxiety, she may be unable to sleep at night. This session gives our girls the tools to learn how to self soothe. We equip your daughter with simple techniques that can assist her when she is feeling scared, nervous or unable to fall asleep at night. 

Instill Gratitude & Resilience

Gratitude in the most basic terms is being thankful and appreciative of the good things you have. Building gratitude and resilience is a key part of a young person’s development. Cultivating empathy, gratitude and resilience are important tools for the development of our little ladies. 

Help Her Accept Her Changing Body

Even if your daughter is only 8 and a few years off from starting her period, her friends may be early developers and these conversations will start to happen at school. It would be best to equip your daughter with the right information so she is informed and prepared - not overwhelmed. We take a very gentle approach to discussing this topic and do not go into detail about body parts or topics that are too advanced for this young age range.

lives changed

We know...

  • children have a short window before future habits are almost set in stone
  • your daughter may have an inclination to rebel against adult wisdom
  • you can’t do everything on your own, and nor should you be expected to
  • treating symptoms via therapy sessions and mindfulness apps often don't address root causes
  • listening to parental advice from friends and families, can have mixed success
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All The Details You Need to Know

Girls Aged 8-12 Ultimate Wellbeing Experience
June 28, July 4, 6, 10, and 23
Brisbane, Melbourne, Gold Coast, and Sydney
How Much?

Girls Aged 8-12 Ultimate Wellbeing Experience

Especially daughters who are:

Getting bullied in school
Having meltdowns at home
Dealing with friendship issues
Seeking validation on social media
Struggling to sleep at night
Struggling to manage stress and anxiety
Finding difficulties in developing confidence and self-esteem
Wanting to understand puberty and their changing body

Questions and Answers

Can my child attend a Beautiful Minds preteen workshop on her/his own or do the?

Yes. It is a great way for your child to make new friends. We have our youth leaders on hand to buddy up with your child and ensure they feel included and safe.

My Child is 7. Is that too young to attend a preteen workshop?

If you feel that your child could use this support right now please enroll them. We do ask parents to make this decision.

My daughter is 12 but mature. Is the preteen girls workshop suitable for her?

If your daughter is having issues with her friends and has not yet started her period, she will benefit from this event. If your child is mature, we would suggest the teen girls events instead. We ask the parents to make this decision.

Are your workshops eligible for NDIS funding?

Yes, please email and request an invoice (if you require one).

Wait! Tell me more about

Beautiful Minds

Who are we?

A national organization committed to helping parents and their children achieve total wellness.

What do we do?

We help people become life ready and unlock human potential in the process. 

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The crux of this experience, hinges on transforming how people recognize and respond to difficult emotions such as anxiety, fear and shame. 

We’ve crafted high-touch human experiences which are full of opportunities that help people work through difficult emotions and learn how to become the best version of themselves. 

Why this works?

Every parent wants to give their child the best chance in life for success and prevent the problems they had to deal with. But life is busy, it’s changed a lot and a lot of parents struggle to connect with their kids. Even fewer feel they have the tools needed to help guide them in the right direction. 

The problem is complex, so the solution requires practiced work. We have the solutions, and these need to be practiced before they sink in. We’ve found the best way to do this is to blend this wisdom very carefully into experiences which kids and parents actually enjoy. 

So if you’re serious about improving your own potential and want long-term results, not a short-term panacea, you come to us.

A note from our Founder & CEO

"I started Beautiful Minds seventeen years ago with just two fundamental questions.

What are they feeling?

And –

What if?

What if we could give young people of diversity, from all walks of life a pride in daily life so they believe they are deserving of the world?

What if Beautiful Minds could be the catalyst and a vehicle for children to grow their spirits, grow their character and achieve the things they wish and hope for in this life?

My dreams came true a thousand-fold. Every single day, I get to work alongside my truly hardworking and talented team and have front row seats for the best show you can imagine. Watching young people transform before our eyes.

I wish you, and your children – our kind of success."

Marina and kid at Beautiful Minds workshop

Marina PassalarisEntrepreneur, Speaker, Presenter, Youth Educator & Author

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