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Are you struggling to find meaningful, quality one on one time with your daughter?

Reconnect, unwind and create forever moments with your daughter in a luxury well-being experience created by Beautiful Minds.

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This experience is for
  • Mums and your daughter aged 8 -17
  • Who can come to 3-days, 2-nights event in Sydney

Unique Selling Preposition

How can we help your family?


Create more harmony in your home with our science-supported tools

BM Certified MIND HEALTH coaches

A three-day, two-night adventure with all accommodation, meals, and sessions

Leveraging the very best knowledge from

Harvard University and Stanford University

It’s so easy to forget what it was like

When we were young. There were things which at the time, were our whole world.

Things we don't even think about now.

With decades of wisdom under our belts, it’s easy to lose perspective and trivialize issues that are EVERYTHING to your daughter right now.

Growing up is always complex. Raising kids to deal with everything they face is really, really challenging.

And, as parents, we're all so busy, that it's easy to overlook some things which really matter to your daughter. As a mum, you too need to focus on your own self care and have a few days off from being ‘mum’.

After 1,792 of retreats, there’s a 99% chance she’s dealing with this…

It can project itself into your home like this

Then there are the volatile friendship group dynamics

And at home there's

lives changed

Hear from one of the 1.5million
who have attended

All The Details You Need to Know


Mother + Daughter Ubuntu Retreat Experience


A retreat for mothers and daughters to connect via a series of activities while staying together in twin share accommodation. Includes:
  • Fire performance
  • Stargazing
  •  Ecstatic dance
  • Ayurvedic facials
  • Sound and crystal healing
  • Mental wellbeing sessions


  • September 28-30, 2022


  • Peaceful retreat accommodation
    in Swami’s Retreat

    183 Pitt Town Rd, Kenthurst NSW 2156

How much?

From $895/per person all inc. 3 days 2 nights

Questions and Answers

I have two daughters, is it suitable to bring both of my girls?

Yes, it is absolutely suitable to bring both of your girls as the whole family will benefit from these tools and you will be creating more harmony in your home.

Are your workshops eligible for NDIS funding?

Yes, please email and request an invoice (if you require one).

Another one

Wait! Tell me more about Beautiful Minds

Who are we?

A national organization committed to helping parents and their children achieve total wellness.

What do we do?

We help people become life ready and unlock human potential in the process.

Reconnect with your daughter

Recharge Now

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The crux of this experience, hinges on transforming how people recognize and respond to difficult emotions such as anxiety, fear and shame. 

We’ve crafted high-touch human experiences which are full of opportunities that help people work through difficult emotions and learn how to become the best version of themselves. 

Why this works?

Every parent wants to give their child the best chance in life for success and prevent the problems they had to deal with. But life is busy, it’s changed a lot and a lot of parents struggle to connect with their kids. Even fewer feel they have the tools needed to help guide them in the right direction.

The problem is complex, so the solution requires practiced work. We have the solutions, and these need to be practiced before they sink in. We’ve found the best way to do this is to blend this wisdom very carefully into experiences which kids and parents actually enjoy. 
So if you’re serious about improving your own potential and want long-term results, not a short-term panacea, you come to us.

Marina and kid at Beautiful Minds workshop

A note from our Founder & CEO

"I started Beautiful Minds seven teen years ago with just two fundamental questions.What are they feeling?

And –
What if?

What if we could give young people of diversity, from all walks of life a pride in daily life so they believe they are deserving of the world?

What if Beautiful Minds could be the catalyst and a vehicle for children to grow their spirits, grow their character and achieve the things they wish and hope for in this life?

My dreams came true a thousand-fold. Every single day, I get to work alongside my truly hardworking and talented team and have front row seats for the best show you can imagine. Watching young people transform before our eyes.

Entrepreneur, Speaker, Presenter, Youth Educator & Author

Reconnect with your daughter.

Pause your day to day life now

You may have more questions and need to talk to our customer service team in the chat.