Do use a hand cream every day. Nail polish will always look better on smooth, soft hands.

Do keep your hands out of water for a few hours after you have applied your polish. Getting them wet will make the polish peel off.

Do apply more topcoat between manicures – it will give your nails extra shine and make your polish last longer.

Do remember to wear rubber gloves when using cleaning products.

Do keep your nail polish in the fridge. The chilly temperature will help it last longer.

Do you a base coast to prevent staining on your nail bed.

Don’t run your fingers through your hair for a few hours after you have applied polish, you will see tell-tale scratches.

Don’t load your brush with too much polish. It will blob all over your nail and dry unevenly.

Don’t wear darker coloured nail polish if you don’t have the time to maintain it. You’ll notice chips and peeling less on nude shades.

Don’t shake your bottle of polish vigorously , it causes bubbles. Instead, roll it between your hands to mix up the pigments and oils.