Almost 36 and my face is falling apart!


My 36th birthday is on Saturday. Now, I am not freaking out about aging, I have always looked after my skin with facials, good products, lots of water, sleep and good food but I did feel it was time to investigate a good skin peel. I wanted something to give my skin that youthful glow, making me look healthy. I did my research and found ‘the’ skin clinic in Sydney. Apparently ‘everyone who is anyone’ gets their skin buffed, polished and cared for by this particular place…that is how it was sold to me!

I made an appointment and the day arrived. I walked into the reception area that looked more like a designer show room than that of a skin doctor. The seats in the waiting room were velvet, plush carpet covered every inch of the room, flowers poured out of every corner and I was offered a drink list that would have put any Sydney cocktail bar to shame.

‘The’ skin guru came to usher me into the consulting room. As she stared at my skin with a magnifying glass and invasive light, she gave me the biggest backhanded compliment I have ever received, “You do look rather good for your are almost 36.” Feeling like I had been shot by a 36, I smiled politely.

I was then told all the ‘small’ changes I could make to my face in order to make me look youthful. Firstly, she suggested that it is high time I start investing in some botox. I apparently need it all over my forehead and around my eyes (god forbid there are a few laugh lines there!). Then she suggested that I thin out my face by injecting a new product that has just launched, into my lower jaw. I was tempted to ask her how much research had been done on this new product and was she sure it would not have dire side effects like me growing a third nipple or something..? As she investigated my face like a crime scene, she informed me that I had no cheek bones. She could fill these up to give me some definition. I would also require about $1000 worth of face cremes, lotions, potions, serums, masks, exfoliation, eye creme, gels, toners, and a skin program that would see me spend about an hour in the morning just getting all this shit on my face! Finally, we got to the part that I was actually interested in, the skin peel. I had in mind one maybe two peels would be required for my skin but no, apparently I required six months of work to start with and then she would reassess me after that. I was then handed a quote for $9000 as a good start to my youthful look….

I am so horrified that places like this are able to operate. We are going to land up with a generation of women that all look like hard-boiled eggs with faces that don’t move, cheeks that are not theirs and not a laugh line in sight! What is this all saying to our generation of women? I totally believe in looking after yourself and if a bit of work is your choice, I get that too, but for some women to totally redesign my entire face to look like her version of perfection is just insanity! I only wanted a peel! God forbid anyone going in there who suffers from low self esteem..a consultation there would send a fragile women over the edge.

So, my thought on all this is…do whatever you feel you need to do in order to feel beautiful but do not succumb to someone else’s version of what you ‘should’ look like.